Kimono & 2020 Olympic

First sight of these designs.

Totally astonished.


Every Chinese knows that current China Red is not originally the color of Red.


The real color of Chinese is called ‘Xuen’

‘Xuen is the real and most representive color of Chinese people.

‘Xuen’ is known by Chinese as the color of Black.

Black is a so solid and firm. It was used from First Emperror in Chinese history, Qin sh huang!

He, who, united the chaos in his era, when China was seperated as 7 big countries. He also uniied the words, the currency, n the width of  horse-car!


He is remarkable!

Hence, Black, is the best color for standing for Chinese people.


Thank you, Japan!

You have been working on these masterpieces.


Peoples will always remember your effort for 2020 Olympic!



My name is Frank Gao, a Taiwanese living in Tokyo. Like travel and food. Let's share life together!!


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